Mikleler in WSOP

-Adam and I are here for Kirill. -We really root for Kirill in the finale. That’s our boy out there, in a hoodie. I’m playing the $1,5k H.O.R.S.E., just started.

It’s turbo and we’re waiting for the break to end. For the awarding ceremony. My table.

My buddy Dylan. The man says… wonder where he is… oh, it’s the awarding ceremony for online tours. Not interested. Look how crowded it is in here. Playing Dealers Choice – Malaysian live casino.

No, not that, the H.O.R.S.E. choice. Slava Zhukov joined Dylan, Jon ‘Pearljammer” Turner.

-Please, don’t.. -You are my hero. -Photos with the celebrity are not free. -Do you like my beautiful red iPhone 7? -Love it. 256Gb?

I envy you big time. -So, why haven’t you won anything yet? -I’m a bad player you see.

-You want to win the draft? By the way, I talked to Zaya and he said he’s in his best shape, while you weren’t allowed to play… -Nah, I was allowed to play. A bit, online.

Then they let me play another game. -Are you in good shape now? Or you need some practice to get into a groove. -Well… I played with noobs for a while. That’s why I’m a bit rusty now.

But my wit’s fine. -Yeah, cause I really feel like I’m warming up. So different from daily practice.

-That’s a distinguishing feature for such tournaments. -We’re here with Slava, losing all our chips. Well, Slava is gaining chips, that’s his style. The silent killer. -He showed the max of his abilities.

Meaning he spent way too much time at the poker tournament. -Are you his backers? He didn’t even give me 10%. -Backers? -Hey, what about me?

-We heard you played the first round? -I played flawlessly for ten minutes. -They call you the best player in the world for a reason. -I didn’t make a single mistake.

A single mistake! At day two I didn’t even lose a single blind! -Not a single one?

How many did you win? -Doesn’t matter. -The most important thing is not to lose.

-If you’re still in, you’re good. -What’s up? -Hell, I suddenly got triggered – I was folding everything and now you come and push KQo for 50bb -No, it wasn’t 50 bb.

-How much did you bet? A million? -1 100 000, blinds 12k/24k -Did he have a fold there? Well, he bet 375k with a 1,1m stack. So, yes, he did. -700k left, but he’s not as stupid as that Greek.

-No, he’s even more stupid. -Turn J of spades, I bet small for 45k, he calls. I check the river with the idea… I mean, I don’t feel what he’s got. He certainly does not call without a single spade and still check-backs them… And he will bet with a good spade. -Was there a spade on the river?

-No, on the turn. -Than I think he doesn’t call the turn w/o a spade. -Yeah, he did call the turn w/o a spade. Can you imagine that? He called with AJo, high pair.

-He most likely wanted to bluffcatch you more than collect extra value. -Ok, let Kirill go. Stop burden him.

You get them, boy. -What’s there? -JJ vs AJ -Let the best hand win.

It didn’t work. -This is the other Belarusian. Did you play in tag team? -Nope. -Why not? -I had other plans.

-Were you here already? -I was. -So you could register, and play with me. And Kirill wouldn’t have made it to the finale. -Not true.

Kirill was destined to win the bracelet, so i think he’s got to win. -I think so, too. But if he registered as my partner… -I’ll win another tournament, it’s ok. -If Vasya registered as my partner, he would be in the finale. -That’s not how it works. Kirill wins, and then… -Hey, let me win first, ok?

Then I’ll thank everybody. -We’re just discussing the top-3. Are you gonna play satellites this year? -Sats, MTT, SNG, even cash. -Not the expensive ones, I reckon. Oh, did you win the bracelet in $3k?

-Yep. -So you’re gonna play the tours up to $3k? -Yep. I’m not the 5 or 10k kind of guy. They are too expensive without backing. -I thought you figured out the taxes.

-I’m supposed to get 90k+ back in a month (from my 130k). -Cool. -It’s pending approval, long process. -Let’s hope Kirill has the same troubles now, so he won’t have to think how to avoid paying taxes from $75k. The other $75k is mine. -GG -Hey, man.

It didn’t go well, huh? We lost. Have you seen that guy getting called on turn and river? -Told you we should’ve swapped places. -You think?

-I’d finish earlier. You wouldn’t have suffered. -I didn’t suffer, the results are not bad.

All in all, it’s the second tournament, 2 ITMs, I’m pleased. It’s a result that almost guarantees a freeroll or very close to that. -It’s like if someone told you before hand, you’d say give me my money back, I’m not playing. But when you came back from 300k…almost to 1,5mil -On the other hand, I’ve won almost all all-ins at the final table.

-(They won’t let us shoot here?) -Ok. The results are great. Period.

We could win 90k more and win the bracelet. But it’s not too far from where I ended up. -So I’m bracelet-less. That’s fine. -The money is scattered, be careful. Kirill stashes the money in a bag.

We both took our money. Congrats on your good game. -Thank you all who cheered for us, it means a lot. Many people texted us during the game, supporting us. It’s a treat. Thank you.

-We’ll win something for sure. Separately. But we’re still a team.

-This is the meanest person on the Internet. His alias is “Good”. Wait, are you “Good” on GipsyTeam? Right, you’re Na$daq online. How’re you doing, Max?

-Good. -Played any tournaments? -I played one in Venetian, but it was a miss.

-When does your Omaha start? -On the 9th. Omahas and such. -And what do you play here?

-1-2 Big O, 1-2-5 Big O, really easy. People literally donate me their money. -Easier than on PokerDom? -Somewhat similar. Ok, it’s worse here. -Worse as in weaker?

-Weaker. -Cool. How much have you won? -Can’t say. -Come on.

Dinner on you? -Yes. -We have it on record! Let’s go eat.

-I’ve already eaten, but my treat. The day didn’t end the way I’d like it to. And it’s not only ‘cause Kirill promised me an ice-cream and a chocolate bar when we place first. I had to buy it myself.

Took it at dinner. This ice-cream is to celebrate Kirill who did great. You see, the series has only started, it’s week one, we have great things ahead. Just need to believe in ourselves and play good poker.

I’m on a minor losing streak right now, but it’s fine. I’ll get my day in the sun.