Online casinos – really growing large system!

The PhilWeb Corporation is based out of Manila in the Philippines and the
company has long stood as one of the most prominent Asia-facing gambling groups
in the region. PhilWeb develops and provides a wide range of gambling
technologies developed for the online casinos and internet gaming industry. The
Philippines has a very closed gambling market, along with pretty much the rest
of Asia, but that is changing as the technologies infiltrate the market more and
push their way in despite government restrictions. Many Asian governments are
now looking at online casinos as inevitable and instead of banning and blocking
the sites some are turning to PhilWeb for internet gaming solutions that are
controlled and still operate under the licensing control of the national

Cambodia is actually first up on the countries that PhilWeb has contracted with
a Cambodian based company to legally offer up a range of online casino and
mobile games developed and launched for the specific Cambodian market. As
PhilWeb develops the Cambodian market the company is also looking toward nearby
markets as possible for developed online casino gambling industries. Included on
the list of countries that PhilWeb is considering entering are: Guam, East
Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Saipan, and Vietnam. These
nearby countries also have limited gambling markets right now but a whole lot of
potential as the governments in some of these countries begin to discuss the
benefits of a legalized online gambling market.

Through the Cambodian online casino venture PhilWeb will have a stepping stone
into this region and will expand the gambling group’s offerings outside of the
Philippines and develop itself foundationally in the fabric of the emerging
Asian gambling industry.

Turkish Market Gets 11th Site

Eurosport, a top European online casino sports entertainment group, launched its
eleventh international website dedicated to the Turkish gambling market. The
website,, was developed by a leading local web developer for
online casinos MCD Digital and features Turkish as the base language. The
launching of the website is in lieu of the company’s goal for digital and
geographical expansion through the establishment of strong and stable local
partners. This is according to the spokesman from Eurosport.

The partnership between MCD Digital and Eurosport is expected to extend the
online casino company’s audience and to improve interactivity and expand its
community in Turkey which has been reported to be the fourth largest market for
online casinos in Europe, accounting for 9 percent of the continent’s internet
gambling audience. The new website will offer high-quality and premium
international and local content and game offerings. It will also feature sports
news and commentaries from top international and local sports writers. The
Turkish site will be supported by Eurosport’s technological and international
teams and will be edited by MCD Digital’s local team in Istanbul. It will be
supplied with 120 different sports contents with dedication to basketball and
football coverage.

The chief executive officer of Eurosport Group, Laurent-Eric Le Lay, said that
the online casino company is extending the brand in Turkey. The company has
experienced continuous success in Turkey since 2010 through its television
channels Eurosport HD, Eurosport 2 and Eurosport. He added that it was natural
for the company to expand its media platforms including the internet and he,
personally, is delighted with the company’s partnership with MCD Digital. The
chief executive officer of MCD, Cenk Oflaz, said that the new venture is built
upon an audience of 13 million unique users every month.