Winning is an art

Winning is an art like skiing. When you first learn to ski, don’t you begin on the trainning slope? How about football Players? Don’t they scrimmage against weaker teams before they are sent into the Saturday fray? Even Muhammad Ali had his share of pushovers to see if he could win, before taking on the top contenders.

Where do you learn how to win? At the smallest tables. The casinos are going to be there for a long time. They’ll wait for you. I would like to see you put aside a decent bankroll of maybe $800 or $900. Hopefully, it will take you long enough to save that much to keep you away from the tables until you master Basic Strategy which you will find described in this book in great detail.

When you know Basic Strategy perfectly, and have $900, you’ll be ready to attack.

First thing you do is break your $900 in half. Take $450 as your starting bankroll. Put the other $450 in a drawer somewhere to be used only when the starting bankroll is depleted.

Here’s wishing you’ll never have to rely on the second $450.

If you can come up with a bigger stake, cut in a half. The amount in unimportant after you surpass the minimum.

Stuff your wallet with the $450 (or some larger starting bankroll if you prefer), plus a few bucks for chow and gas, and head for the casinos.

Do you know how to conduct yourself in the casino? Pit bosses, boxmen, and dealers will give you the respect and courtesy you’re entitled to. Act like a gentleman or lady and you’ll be treated like one. Act like an ill-mannered boob and you’ll be treated accordingly.

When you sit down at a Blackjack table, the first thing you should do is take out the amount of money you want to convert into chips, say $100. Put the money down in front of you because a dealer is not allowed to take it from your hand.

The dealer will take the money, lay it in front of him, count out the same amount in chips, and then tell the Pit Boss the amount of money he is changing. In this case, he would say “$100 change.” He will wait until he gets clearance from the pit boss and then put your $100 in chips in front of you.

Pull the stack close to you and place your bet on the layout in the spot in front of you. When the cards are dealt, you will be given two cards face up (Atlantic City rules – the rules vary from casino to casino in Las Vegas). The dealer gets one card face up and another face down.

Don’t touch your cards! (Again, this is an Atlantic City rule.)